Ashnikko - Cry Feat. Grimes (Official Video) 

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Download / Stream my new song Daisy: Ashnikko.lnk.to/Daisy
Download / Stream Cry ft. Grimes: Ashnikko.lnk.to/CryFtGrimes
Director: Mike Anderson
Producer: Karina Ripper
DP/Editor: Ryan Dickie
#Ashnikko #Grimes #Cry




17 июн 2020




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Sunflower• Daze
Sunflower• Daze 6 часов назад
I'm scared
Rasheed Bryden
Rasheed Bryden 13 часов назад
Grimes verse is making me think because I alrdy think she's sus and know a lot of things because of like her symbolism in her songs like violence & my name is dark, and she's singing about winter in this and saying that you'll be fine if you repent, and has anyone else heard that god is coming? And plus winter is basically here and people are being warned to repent before he comes and really you will be "fine" because if you repent you'll be saved. And she's saying that it's the winter of her discontent, because IF she's part of the elites or whatever that's going on in the industry or so that we don't know about, things are going to be pretty for her, and she says that everything else is irrelevant because it's basically the end when this all happens, look how the city is trashed in the video, maybe nothing's going to happen in the future...but I just had to vent and share this with you guys
Rose 13 часов назад
This has to be my fav ashnikko song actually I don’t have fav her songs are all amazing and I sing them at 3am 🤪
peepee poopoo
peepee poopoo 15 часов назад
I love how grimes has a fae army in a dark forest thats so her ♥️
Chance 16 часов назад
I really only liked grime’s verse lmfaooo
Rio 20 часов назад
this video triggered my derealization 👁👄👁
Sky Bigcrow
Sky Bigcrow День назад
Stephanie Cornejo
Stephanie Cornejo День назад
JLT День назад
I'm confused, and slightly angry, but i like it.
Antonella NAna
Antonella NAna День назад
Ohh not bad i love it
Kaya Meadow
Kaya Meadow 2 дня назад
I just played this 5 times crying- u know the kind where u rlly lose it for a fucking minute and start shaking, laughing and snot dripping onto ur top lip. Her birthdays coming up and instead of being with her I have to go to *book club* .
Jayynna Irene
Jayynna Irene 2 дня назад
I'm obsessed with her voice✨
funee frog
funee frog 2 дня назад
this came out on my b-day >:)
ఌGacha _ Crybabyఌ
ఌGacha _ Crybabyఌ 2 дня назад
I wanna say one only thing..... Attack on Titan
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 2 дня назад
Até agr eu não entendi o clipe mais a é perfeito 👍
jojo fan
jojo fan 2 дня назад
Hatsune Miku and Gumi fighting be like
Breslyn Lassiter
Breslyn Lassiter 2 дня назад
I drew a scene from this video for art class
jad 3 дня назад
miku and gumi look different here y'all...........
Lu 3 дня назад
I just discovered Ashnikko and I was thinking that, she's actually Grimes, if her music was good
Color Skull
Color Skull 4 дня назад
Animation style low key looks similar to the show Transformers Prime ngl
summer thomas
summer thomas 4 дня назад
But its confusing cause idk who it is she killed and what happened to her body and why does she has three heads
summer thomas
summer thomas 4 дня назад
This is the best song ash has made so far
Mr. Anchor
Mr. Anchor 4 дня назад
That mythic forest scene with the eerie voices in the background brings the song all toghether.
witchy Windex
witchy Windex 5 дней назад
Is this what people call refreshing?
uzzie !
uzzie ! 4 дня назад
Noodle Fideo
Noodle Fideo 5 дней назад
B's Leaks
B's Leaks 5 дней назад
Holy! Moly!
Holy! Moly! 5 дней назад
What’s wrong
sasha brouse
sasha brouse 5 дней назад
самая ее крутая песня❤️❤️❤️❤️
MidnightMoonday 5 дней назад
I'm so glad I found Ashnikko
Bxddie_VIBEZ ZZ 6 дней назад
this video low key scary
Ralph Gilliam
Ralph Gilliam 6 дней назад
Phone:yeeted History: deleted Bleach: needed Ps this is dumb
Angxlic День назад
@Ralph Gilliam grr too much bad words grr, dude are u 5?
Sianni Strickland
Sianni Strickland 5 дней назад
@Ralph Gilliam When I first saw the video i thought it was a bit weird too but I like it now that i understand it. It captures her unique persona and if you pay attention you can understand the story line and the metaphors. And the song itself is pure awesomeness. But if you really don't like it then it must just be it's not your type of music. Cause this is one of my favorites.
Ralph Gilliam
Ralph Gilliam 6 дней назад
@Sianni Strickland it's creepy and to much bad words
Sianni Strickland
Sianni Strickland 6 дней назад
This is art I don't know what you thought. You must not be smart enough to understand such amazingness.
Ralph Gilliam
Ralph Gilliam 6 дней назад
Ur creepy
Eldrman 6 дней назад
Well, considering there are giant fairies from a land that they are tiny that destroy mechs in one shot and the mere touch of one mutates humans into monsters that seem nearly unkillable. I'm surprised any of us would even stand a chance.
Simple Lιƚƚʅҽ Fҽƚυʂ
Simple Lιƚƚʅҽ Fҽƚυʂ 6 дней назад
she said waist on thinna
Royale Yulissa
Royale Yulissa 6 дней назад
i was scared when she killed someone :C
German Kotov
German Kotov 6 дней назад
Тута есть русские?
FlowVs 7 дней назад
ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔღ Jeysi Chanღ
ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔღ Jeysi Chanღ 7 дней назад
Tamara Williamson
Tamara Williamson 7 дней назад
Wow 😍😘🔥
Gaspar Venâncio
Gaspar Venâncio 7 дней назад
this is like, losing everything
Bto Jay
Bto Jay 7 дней назад
this looks like one of my dreams .. love it
Isabella Cucinella
Isabella Cucinella 7 дней назад
the way I dont understand but totally understand this mv
Ava Marie
Ava Marie 8 дней назад
love the song but the music video is very confusing
Paisley Michael
Paisley Michael 8 дней назад
Timmy Crimez
Timmy Crimez 8 дней назад
TheBakedDonut20 8 дней назад
Name of beat?
Karma Nobel
Karma Nobel 8 дней назад
What the fuck.
diego h
diego h 9 дней назад
Oh my god stupid oh my god
C Lo
C Lo 9 дней назад
albert labrada
albert labrada 9 дней назад
Well Khray was kind of creepy once I heard it on Spotify and watching a video of it and I kind of creeped me out but I was kind of sad because I felt bad for the green headed person but the main character is usually ask Nico and they were there in like the galaxy and stuff right so they found so I can go found him and blah blah blah and stuff so like I really like the song I was creeping me out a little I’m sorry I shouldn’t go but I love you so much so so much thank God I knew you cause I knew you once I heard stupid before so I’m like actually go well I like your song but it was kind of creeping me up I still liked it and only the song was like a little girl because like it was in the mood about ask Nico and stuff and actually cried like three heads so I was going to get weird of her but I like The song and it was like a bell Ashnikko with three heads and like no bone on the side of her thing but I am so I really liked it was about like her but then until she found a green headed person and she was chasing for it and she broke it at least in half and then she ate it so it was probably her ex-boyfriend so like I will call the police for that that was kind of creepy ass so I liked it it was so good Ashnikko thank you so much but it was kind of creepy not trying to be rude but the main character was the best though but I kind of felt bad for the greenhead if we’re getting them cut it in half but I don’t know how Ashnikko did that so social story literally takes place in a different dimension a different dimension and in a different place in the world about like a like a like a nasty world in there and then like there’s like three people in the world is the green headache and grinds and Ashley go so they were all there and so they were so I think I was talking about I’m still making me cry so making me cry and sob and she just didn’t they didn’t stop making her cry so as long as she killed everyone in her world so she never came back to the cloud in and that’s where her ex-boyfriend was the green headed resin and that’s how he died he got cut it in half and went to the different cloud but she’s not she’s never going to wait for the cloud to come appear because the cloud appeared in somewhere else so I really liked it a lot but even though it wasI still loved it a lot thank you Ashnikko it was the best Ashnikko but it was kind of scary because it takes place in a different dimension but as long as we know her earth is a different earth
albert labrada
albert labrada 9 дней назад
The song was good but I was watching it at 4:03 AM and it was kind of creeping me out but the green headache thing looks like looks like kind of a girl so like I got familiar that Ashnikko had at least three heads and the one in the middle is probably her so I’m really really confused about that and I’m really really scared right now I watched it like three times and watching it but I don’t know but I really liked it but like how she like broke her or him in half like kind of like probably hurt and then after that Ashnikko like when near him and then I ate him because he was like have legged and he didn’t have no legs and stuff but I really like the song as Knigge I am
•Almond._.Milk• 9 дней назад
This is elite bruh
Aron14 Animation
Aron14 Animation 10 дней назад
Will anybody would like to Talk about the Music and Animation?!
Nolana BluesBewitch
Nolana BluesBewitch 10 дней назад
Omg I love her so much! This music touches me so much. Bitch are you trying to make me cry God that line sung so passionately
Roseline Gibson
Roseline Gibson 10 дней назад
Woahhhh that was, woah
Semaj Hudson
Semaj Hudson 10 дней назад
Make it longer
Søft ¿
Søft ¿ 10 дней назад
My favorite song
i.e. I.e DeMonde
i.e. I.e DeMonde 10 дней назад
Please don’t caccoon my a$$ Elon..it was a joke! ha
lauren boulden
lauren boulden 10 дней назад
omg this is so scaryyy
X.booty_Slayer.x 10 дней назад
I can't believe she's gone this far I was here at 100k I would love to meet her one day
Painful Bronze
Painful Bronze 10 дней назад
hatsune miku going savage on gumi
cottoncrybaby 10 дней назад
Is no one gonna talk about the green haired girl like what happened to her😟
Boredom Club
Boredom Club 10 дней назад
This would be an awesome video game I love chi stuff so this would make a good CGI movie
Nyla Hess
Nyla Hess 10 дней назад
well uhh i’m a bit disturbed but overall uh this was Good 😃
reese 11 дней назад
Agh, I love this so much.
An.a. them.a
An.a. them.a 11 дней назад
Dogmemes 11 дней назад
I saw this somewhere else but uh.. ASHNIKKO and CORPSE should collab like please Ash I need this in my life idk why tho lmao
When potatoes fly
When potatoes fly 11 дней назад
Dude- I think if her and jasmine bean did a song together it would be GOLD!
shawn alexander
shawn alexander 11 дней назад
Jinx Vs riven
Nancy Napa
Nancy Napa 11 дней назад
me gusta tus músicas✺◟(∗❛ัᴗ❛ั∗)◞✺ ashnikko aquí una fans desde ecuador * * * * * love _ _ (cry)_ _
•• 11 дней назад
Not me trying to figure out who spiked my coca-cola
「 kxtten 」
「 kxtten 」 11 дней назад
0:27 I love this part idk why
Chris Cota
Chris Cota 11 дней назад
Why put grimes on your shit.. she like forced herself into music... Clearly can't understand shit she says... She needs to find something else... Just because you're special needs doesn't mean people have to like you or have to sign you. Go eat seriously. Poor baby probably weighted 3pounds
Alexis Dieujuste
Alexis Dieujuste 11 дней назад
I feel like she is not getting enough credit for her music. It is bomb asf.
Alien Baby
Alien Baby 12 дней назад
This song is so underrated. Grimes is amazing BUT GODDAMN ASH IS FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Ash's RAW emotion and raspy voice makes me feel things that are feely. 😫😍😛💖
Kaylian Bonilla
Kaylian Bonilla 12 дней назад
i really didnt hear grimes at all
Jocey In Wonderland
Jocey In Wonderland 12 дней назад
Whats sad about this is that whenver either physically or verbally, if I can tell something is intended to be really aggressive or really soft, it makes me feel sick. So this whole song makes me wanna cry 😭
Jocey In Wonderland
Jocey In Wonderland 12 дней назад
Pun somewhat intended
My Animal Journey
My Animal Journey 12 дней назад
I'm getting the bratz pixiez vibe with the animation
Teenie Ni-Ni
Teenie Ni-Ni 12 дней назад
The quiet girl when she gets home:
Josephine Carlé
Josephine Carlé 12 дней назад
Am I the only one who is listening this a 1000 times a day??
i.e. I.e DeMonde
i.e. I.e DeMonde 12 дней назад
Can I be half Grinch and then fat Santa? Or will I have to sign a Claus(e)!? HAHAHAHHAA Translation: I don’t know about anyone out there, but my mind still stuck on that F up Halloween that we...experienced.
Marcos Llemes
Marcos Llemes 12 дней назад
Ashnikko: Bitch, are you trying to make me cry? Grimes: A҉r҉e҉ ҉y҉o҉u҉ ҉t҉r҉y҉i҉n҉g҉ ҉t҉o҉ ҉m҉a҉k҉e҉ ҉m҉e҉ ҉c҉r҉y҉?҉?҉
Lux 12 дней назад
Grimes' talking in Yolandi lol
? 12 дней назад
Ben böyle bir şey yaşasaydım altıma yapardım
Serra Aydın
Serra Aydın 12 дней назад
İm dis like
kim Vera
kim Vera 12 дней назад
kim Vera
kim Vera 12 дней назад
So uhh
Disgraceful Maiden
Disgraceful Maiden 13 дней назад
The graphics and "body horror" remind me of Parasite Eve Just me?
Ya'Nesah Boseman
Ya'Nesah Boseman 13 дней назад
Drive through the streets playing this😏
Wolfshadow Wolfs
Wolfshadow Wolfs 13 дней назад
SlyArtË 13 дней назад
She has a great voice
:3 13 дней назад
imma be the one with the lyrics today :)) Cry Feat. Grimes (Lyrics) : I'm a tough b*tch, but im sensitive Coulda, coulda, coulda quick f*ck be a sedative? It's relative. Cause' you were pushing me out to the f*cking edge I'm about to rip all of my hair out, cause im madder than i've ever been. I just wanna call you, but i know i can't f*ck, a f*ckin f*ck boy f*cking up my plans,lay another finger on me you could lose a hand, you could lose a hand, you could lose a (Chorus, i think) B*tch, are you tryna make me cry? Are you tryna make me lose it? You win some and lose some.This could get gruesome B*tch, are you tryna make me cry? are you tryna' make me lose it? you win some, and lose some. This could get gruesome (Grimes' part) This is the winter of my discontent, everything else is irrelevant are you, trying to make me cry? (Cry) this is the winter of my discontent this is the winter of a never end it'll be fine if you just repent ( Oooo & aaah sounds) B*tch, are you tryna' make me cry? are you tryna' make me lose it? you win some and lose some. This could get gruesome B*tch, are you tryna' make me cry? are you tryna' make me lose it? you win some and lose some. This could get gruesome (Not sure but its like the ending part) Careful with me, im volatile (This could get gruesome) Careful with me, im homicidal (This could get gruesome) Careful with me, im volatile (This could get gruesome) Careful with me, im homicidal (This could get gruesome) sorry if some parts are wrong, i tried my best :)
M I Y R R A 12 дней назад
You did great, everything's correct
ugh 13 дней назад
looks like Chris Hart mixed with Lara-su
MR XD EDITZ 13 дней назад
1:42 first hot then when I saw body YUCK
khalisa _Official
khalisa _Official 13 дней назад
So cool
Ashrelita 14 дней назад
I just wanna blow my ears out with this, love it. 💕
Luxor53 Nanael Camio
Luxor53 Nanael Camio 14 дней назад
:No_FaceLight: 14 дней назад
Grimes: 50% Ashnikko: 50% Perfect song: *Yes*
Joseph L. Pina
Joseph L. Pina 14 дней назад
yo, thx god this appeared as a pre-video ad or I would've never found this artist.
M I Y R R A 12 дней назад
That's cool, welcome to the club
Jude Dude
Jude Dude 14 дней назад
I listen to this instead of meditating in the morning
Sarah Du Plessis
Sarah Du Plessis 15 дней назад
She reminds me Hayley Williams in this song
Cheibor 15 дней назад
buenas noches, presento mi inconformidad con la animación que acabo de ver, he de decir que fue tan simbolica que no pude entender la misma canción, porfavor necesito ayuda psicologica, gracias.
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